Ciao! 😊

I’m Arianna di Nardo (with double N, unlike Ariana Grande 🤣)

Language coach and native speaker, specialized in one-on-one Italian lessons with students form all over the world.

In love with the Italian language?

I can help you learn it in an easy, fun and customized way so you will finally understand it and speak it fluently fast without stressing too much!

Nice to meet you!

How can I help you learn Italian?

  1. Find the right method for you

    I'll create a customized program based on your level, needs, and goals.

  2. Focus on studying what really matters

    Too much information can paralize you or lead you to procrastination. I'll select and create all the resources you need to learn Italian.

  3. Find the time and the motivation to study consistently

    Booking lessons with me will help you get involved and learn Italian for real this time!

Let’s know each other better!

Not sure where to start?

I offer you a 30 minute trial class in Verbling based on your level and your goals.

In case you start from zero or don't know much Italian, don't worry! We can communicate in English, French or Spanish.

You can also check out my Youtube Channel to find out more about me and my way of teaching.

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What my students say about me


"Arianna is intelligent, patient, kind, enthusiastic, well-prepared, and organized. Her explanations are clear and thorough and she is adept at tailoring lessons to meet a student’s individual needs. She creates a comfortable learning environment in which a student can thrive. She is tech-savvy and utilizes all the technological platforms that Verbling offers. I highly recommend Arianna."

Andrew from Boston, Massachusetts, United States

What my students say about me


"Arianna is a fantastic teacher. It's evident that she is enthusiastic about teaching, and always gets as excited as I do when she shows me something new. Her lessons range from casual, where we chat about anything in general while showing me how to translate the topics into Italian, to structured, with specific goals and formal learning materials. She can switch topics on a whim, as needed, if a question comes up about another topic during the lesson. She goes the extra mile and even uses tools & resources outside of Verbling to help me learn. She's very fun and easy-going, and is a great listener. I highly recommend Arianna!"

Gene from Texas, United States

What my students say about me


"Arianna is an amazing teacher with her unique ability to help me learn the Italian language with an engaging, personal teaching style that has helped me start speaking and understanding the Italian language in a short amount of time. While I still have so much to learn, Arianna comes to each lesson prepared and focused on my individual needs that makes me feel comfortable to try, learn, make mistakes and understand why and then gives me the confidence to continue moving forward in my learning of the Italian language. Arianna's love and passion of Italy and the Italian language is authentic and I really appreciate all she has taught me in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Arianna as a teacher if you truly want to learn the Italian language in a personal, fun, engaging and positive learning environment."

Greg from Los Gatos, California, United States

More reviews


«Arianna is a really dedicated and engaging teacher! She prepares for her lessons and searches materials, videos, and other content for her students :)»

-Germán from Berlin, Germany


«Arianna is creative, patient and flexible. She's very good at adjusting the lessons according to you interests and needs, and manages to make every class fun. A highly recommended teacher!»

-Ela from Portugal


«Arianna, as always, has been very patient with me - trying to find the Italian expressions that I needed to tell a little story. She is the master of explaining words and meanings. I love her flexibility and humour when I 'm losing my language abilities... I have increased my Italian vocab and speaking a lot. We are mostly communicating in Italian, which gives me the feeling for the Italian language. I am always looking forward to our next lesson. Cannot wait...»

-Carola from Germany


«Arianna is a great easy-going teacher, helpful and resourceful.
She can adapt to the student's learning style and can make learning a language a positive experience. The fact that she speaks multiple languages makes some difficult ideas become easy to understand.
Arianna will help you learn Italian, give you cultural insight, and watch your pronunciation closely.»

-Wuso from Venezuela


«I love my classes with Arianna, she is doing a great job paying attention to grammar accuracy and friendly and easy to catch learning approach.»

-Arseniy from Bali, Indonesia


«Arianna has been a wonderful instructor for me. I needed a few lessons of Italian in order to attend a wedding in Italy and give a speech. She assisted me in the translation, and helped incredibly in the pronunciation and delivery, which I received many compliments from the guests about. I highly recommend Arianna for conversation and cultural insights as her manner is fun and confidence inspiring.»

-Deborah from Netherlands


«Arianna is excellent. I always found learning languages at school hard but Arianna makes it a joy. The lessons are flexible and reflect your day and interests as well as more structured work, Arianna is always adapting her teaching to what works best for you.»

-Richard from Birmingham, UK


«Arianna is a friendly and professional teacher who will guide you through the minefield that can be Italian grammar. She has excellent materials and she will guide you through them in a patient and supportive way.»

-Jason from United States


«Arianna is a fantastic Italian teacher! She has all the material presentable, clean and well cared for. In addition, her Spanish and English are excellent, so if at any time you have to resort to them to explain something, she does it without any problem and very easily. A 10 for sure! :).»

-Edgar from Madrid, Spain


I ❤ my students

Helping my students realizing their dream of learning Italian is one of my greatest joy! 🤗

About me

Hey there! 😀

My name is Arianna, I am 28 years old and I live in Marche, a beautiful region of Italy.

I have one degree in foreign languages and another one in communication and marketing. I also attended a Master degree in coaching and counseling.

I speak Italian, Spanish, French and English.

I love reading, traveling, dancing and teaching… but, above all, learning!

I am a salsa and bachata professor and I am passionate about personal growth.

I will help you not just learning the language that you love, but I will be your personal coach during this journey.

I will help you find the right motivation, set successful goals and achieve them!

P.S. Are you planning a trip to Italy? Click here.


Do you need any more information?

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